About Us

Old Hickory Bass Anglers started about 15 years ago with a small group of fishermen getting together every month or so to have a small tournament. Mostly guys we worked with on a regular basis plus some close friends.  7 or 8 boats was pretty common and when we occasionally got to 12 or 15 boats, we thought we were really big time.  The tournament stayed very small for several years.  It was not until Dad went to work for Riverside Marine that the tournament really started to grow and take shape to what it is today.  Obviously, with Dad working at Riverside, he had access to a lot of fishermen that fished tournaments.  This along with the backing of Riverside Marine as our first Primary Sponsor, the tournament began to grow leaps and bounds. Our philosophy was and still is to keep the tournament affordable for everyone. Our entry fee has remained the same for years and due to this, we attract a wide range of participants. Father and son teams, husband and wife teams , friend teams, and even one man teams. We have teams that are very serious about competing and those that just like to come out and fish. We do our best to offer something for everyone

Now, more than 15 years later, Old Hickory Bass Anglers has grown into one of the most popular Tournament Venues in the middle Tennessee area.  During the 2011 season, we averaged 80 boats per tournament and have more than 25 sponsors that support the tournament with cash and prizes. The Tournament Season now consists of 10 regular tournaments and a 2 day Fishoff at the end of the year.

If you would like to join Old Hickory Bass Anglers or if you would like more information, please contact the Tournament Directors: Reed Durham (615-479-7729) or Chris Durham (615-416-9628).