Rules & Regulations

2015 Old Hickory Bass Anglers
Rules & Regulations

All Tournaments will be held at Bulls Creek Boat Ramp

Tournament Committee:

  • Directors:
    Reed Durham & Chris Durham & Greg Durham
  • Committee Members:
    Steve Edison, Jeremy Walker, Derrick Cherry, Raymond Griffith, Doug McClendon, William Underwood

Rules & Regulations:

  1. There will be a $25 membership fee per person or a $5 non-membership fee / per tournament / per  person. *Only 1 non-member per boat.
  2. Membership fees must be paid by the first tournament or non-membership fees will be assessed. Non-membership fees assessed will NOT count towards the fish-off.
  3. There is a $70 per boat entry fee / $10 of that is for Big Fish
  4. You must fish 6 of the 8 tournaments to qualify for the fish-off. If you only fish 5 tournaments, each person must pay full price ($50.00) for the 6th tournament. All participants must pay $5 per tournament missed.
  5. A Tournament Committee has been appointed. For any questions or problems, please see the Director or one of the Committee members listed above.
  6. Only Tournament Staff can measure fish / after fish are turned over to us, the fishermen are no longer permitted to touch the fish. Failure to comply is automatic disqualification.
  7. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to delay blast –off for safety reasons. Fog, Severe weather, etc…
  8.  All participants must be in the line to weigh fish by the time designated on the tournament schedule. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
  9. There is a ½ pound penalty for a dead fish. Only one dead fish may be weighed per boat.
  10. Payback will be as follows: 10 boats = 1 place / 11 boats = 2 places / 21 boats = 3 places
  11. Artificial lures only.
  12.  All tournaments to be held on Old Hickory Lake at Bulls Creek Boat Ramp.
  13. All Large Mouth and Kentucky Spotted Mouth Bass must be 14 inches long. Small Mouth Bass must measure 18 inches long. All species will be measured on a Golden Rule.
  14. Life jackets and Kill Switches must be worn when boat is on plane.
  15. Participants must be able to pass random polygraph test or they will be disqualified. Tournament Director reserves the right to have participants tested at random.
  16. Any short fish brought to weigh-in will result in immediate disqualification!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  17. Only 5 fish or less can be brought to the scales. More than 5 results in automatic Disqualification!!
  18. Big Fish of the year and Big stringer of the year will be recognized at the Fishoff. You must qualify for the Fishoff to win either of these awards!!