Tentative 2015 Tournament Schedule

Mar 7th / 8am to 3pm

Apr 4th / 6am to 2pm

Apr 18th / 6am to 2pm

May 2nd / 5:30am to 2pm

May 30th / 5:30am to 2pm  (Kids Benefit Tournament)

Jun 13th / 5:30am to 2pm

Jun 20th / 5:30am to 2pm

Jul 11th / 5:30am to 2pm

FISHOFF Aug 8th & 9th / 6am to 2pm


Thanks again to all of our sponsors, we could not do it without their support!!


We will be reaching out for ideas and suggestion on how to improve for next season as we continue to strive to be the BEST TOURNAMENT in middle Tennessee. Here are some of the ideas / suggestions that was brought to our attention:

– Move Fish off to mid to late October

– have less tournaments / 7 or 8 instead of 12

– have to fish all but one and have to pay full price for all of them

– increase entry fee to 80 a boat including Big Fish


There will be some rule changes for 2015 / more info to come!!