We have reduced the number of tournaments this year from 12 to 8 plus a 2 day Fish Off. There are now 3 ways to qualify for the fish off: 1) You can fish 6 of the 8 qualifying tournaments. 2) You can fish 5 tournaments and pay full price for number 6. 3) You can pay for 6 tournaments in full ($70 x 6 = $420) by the 2nd tournament and automatically qualify for the fishoff. You still have to pay $10 a boat for the tournaments missed.

Also, we have been getting questions about conflicting with USA Bassin on 2 different dates. We will work with the Director of that tournament to allow contestants to fish both if they deem it necessary. This is assuming we can work out weigh-in details etc…


Thanks again to all of our sponsors, we could not do it without their support!!


Changes for 2015:

**Entry Fee now $70 a boat

***No contestant can touch fish after turned over to tournament staff. Only tournament staff can measure fish. No Exceptions!!

** 3 Options to qualify for fishoff