We are 3 tournaments into the season and the competition is already fierce! Took over 19lbs. to win the last 2 tournaments! Mitch and Hayden Fox were the latest Winners with 19.95 lbs and they also had Biggest Bass with a 6.56 large mouth. Jerry Strain and James Trigg were a close 2nd with 19.58 lbs. and Mickey Beck and Randy Hargis a distant 3rd with 17.20 lbs.

Points Leaders

Ryan Dunnigan = 240 points

Kevin Early and Toby Toombs = 210 points

Scotty Webster = 150 points

The next tournament is April 5th, from safe light to 2pm. Make sure you are there early to get memberships filled out.

as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call Reed Durham or Chris Durham.

** Update ** We will follow the Tennessee Guidelines on the use of the Alabama Rig.



Hermitage Heat & Air / Mt. Juliet / 754-7500 / www.hermitagehvac.com/

Stand up Jig

Juiced Up Baits

QUALITY RRC (Roofing and Restoration Company)

Burdine Supply / Mt. Juliet