Well the tournament season has come to an end. The Fish Off turned out great. We had 50 boats participate and all 50 won something that day. Fishing was very tough, about as tough as it gets on Old Hickory. Here were the top 5 finishers:

1st Place = Mickey Beck and John Hopkins / 23.30

2nd Place =  Chris Durham and Derrick Cherry / 18.43

3rd Place = Jason Dies / 18.19

4th Place = Jonathon and Stacey Newman / 16.94

5th Place = Brian and Eric Montgomery / 16.57

2014 Points Champion = Anthony Guffie

Big Fish of the year = Bo and Matthew Granstaff

Big Stringer of the year = Mickey Beck and John Hopkins

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, we could not do it without their support!!


We will be reaching out for ideas and suggestion on how to improve for next season as we continue to strive to be the BEST TOURNAMENT in middle Tennessee. Here are some of the ideas / suggestions that was brought to our attention:

– Move Fish off to mid to late October

– have less tournaments / 7 or 8 instead of 12

– have to fish all but one and have to pay full price for all of them

– increase entry fee to 80 a boat including Big Fish


There will be some rule changes for 2015 / more info to come!!